Work Permit

Work Permit in Thailand
  • No Permit. No Work.
  • Get the Thai Work Permit Process Rolling If;
  • Offered a job in Thailand
  • Starting a Thai company
  • You are a company, requesting a non-immigrant visa for the applicant
  • The company expresses confidence on the applicant to be of good moral
What Is A Thai Work Permit?
  • According to the Thai law, foreigners working in Thailand must obtain work permit. It can only be done after applying to the Ministry of Labour, Bangkok.
Documents to be submitted by the Employee
  • Self-attested copies of passport
  • Three recent photos (5 x 6 centimeters) wearing business attire
  • CV or resume, stating the applicant’s experience in detail
  • Letter of employment
  • Non-immigrant visa
  • Self-attested education degree
  • Self-attested certificates or license
  • Departure card TM.6
  • Transcript
  • Original marriage certificate along with its signed photocopy, wife’s ID, household registration and birth certificates of children (if married to a Thai National)
Documents to be Submitted by the Employer
  • Shareholders list that is certified by the Commercial Registration Department
  • Factory License that is issued by the Factory Department (if required)
  • VAT Certificate – Phor Phor 20
  • VAT filing (Phor Phor 30)
  • Commercial Registration Department Certificate stating registration of the organization that the applicant is applying for. It should also show the name of the director(s), the company’s registered capital and its objections.
  • Withholding Tax (Phor Ngor Dor 1)
  • Social Security Payment Filing
Thailand Work Permit Application Process
  • Obtaining a Non-Immigrant Visa first as it is only then you can apply for a work permit in Thailand. Ideally, it must be applied before you enter the country.
  • Get all your work permit related documents rights. Make sure you have got everything that you need from your employer.
  • Find the application package as you will need to pay a certain amount of application fee when applying for a Thai work permit. Pay the amount.
  • Fill the form and submit the application.
Responsibilities of an Expat after Getting a Thailand Work Permit
            • The work permit must be carried to work so that it can be shown to the government officials any time.
            • The licensee must do only those works stated in the work permit. Also, he/she must work in the workplace and locality defined in the work permit in Thailand.
            • The licensee must notify the registrar within 30 days from the extension date.
            • The licensee who wants to continue working must make an application for the renewal of work permit before its expiry.
            • If the contract with the present company has been terminated, it is the licensee’s duty to notify the Department of Employment plus return the work permit within seven days from termination date.
            • Additionally, the employer must notify the Department of Employment in 15 days from the termination date.
Who All Don’t Need a Work Permit?
            • Members of the consular missions
            • Individuals having special permission from the Thai government
            • Representatives of member countries
            • Individuals who are on missions under the agreement between foreign government and Thai government