Trademark Application

Trademark Registration in Thailand

  • Avoid Possible Delays or Complications during Trademark Registration
  • Trademark Search Helps Us to Determine the Authenticity
Documents Required

  • The trademark logo in the exact color
  • Self-attested passport copy of the director(s)
  • Copy of the company’s affidavit plus its original set
  • Duly signed power of attorney
Advantages Of Trademark Registration In Thailand

  • Legal protection against counterfeiting of your intellectual property
  • Strengthens your ability to exercise the rights

Three Things To Remember

  • The applicant must have a fixed work station in Thailand
  • Foreigners/ Non-Thai resident applicants can register a trademark only when they appoint an agent
  • Trademark application must be accomplished in Thai language

Marks Prohibited For Registration

  • Marks similar to well-known marks
  • State arms, official seals, emblems, seal of ministries
  • Royal standard flags, emblems or names representing king or queen
  • Geographical indications that are protected under law and geographical indications
  • Marks identical to medal, certificates or diploma
  • Marks related to public policy or public order

Simple 3 Step Process

  • Application form along with the necessary documents must be submitted at the Department of Intellectual Property
  • Sample of the products must be attached together with the address of the applicant
  • A duly filed form will be published for 90 days in the Trademark Gazette. If no one files any objection within that certain period, then the trademark will be registered.