Tourist Visa

Thailand Tourist Visa
  • You Just Need 7 Working Days
  • For Your Tourist Visa
Documents Required
  • Your passport or valid travel document not lesser than six month
  • Proof of finance (20,000 baht each person and 40,000 baht each family)
  • Round-trip air ticket
  • Visa application form
  • One 4cm x 6cm photo
Who Is Eligible For A Tourist Visa?
Foreigners who are traveling to Thailand for a certain time period should have a tourist visa.
Validity of the Visa
The visa is valid for three months for single entry and six months for double or triple entries
How to Obtain ?
Method #1
It can be obtained from the Thai Embassy of your country by submitting all the documents
Method #2
It can be obtained from the airport upon arrival in Thailand.