Representative Office in Thailand

Thailand Representative Office

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Documents Required

  1. Foreign business license
  2. Details of the company’s directors, including their address, nationality, race, age, name and number of shares held.
  3. Copy of the company‘s Articles of Association
  4. Copy of the company’s Articles of Incorporation or Memorandum of Association
  5. List of the company’s shareholders, number of shares they are holding and their nationalities
  6. Company’s affidavit including company’s name, date of registration, address, registration number, and the jurisdiction under which the business is registered
  7. A vivid report of the company’s capital, the amount of the capital stock and the number of shares with the par value
  8. Any certificates or papers or documents showing that the manager of the Representative Office will have power of attorney to run the business. In case, the manager is a Thai citizen, a copy of his/her identity, including national ID along with household registration should be submitted.
  9. Translation of the last three years company’s financial report into Thai
What Is A Thai Representative Office?
  • A Thai representative office is one of the important business entities in Thailand, facilitating imports and exports by foreign companies. It can be classified as under;
  • It cannot do purchases, make sales or negotiate business
  • The head office pays its expenses, including office rentals, staff salaries, and expenses to run the office and to visit the prospective clients
  • It is not subjected to corporate income tax, apart from the interests on the funds it has received from the head office.
5 Objectives Of A Thai Representative Office
  • Reporting to the head office about business conditions, trends and movements in the country
  • Spreading information about the new products and offices of the head office
  • Inspect the quality and quantity of the goods purchased by the head office for manufacturing in Thailand
  • Seek the supply source of goods and services within the country for the head office
  • Give advice to the customers or distributors about the products distributed by the head office
Two Good Reasons To Have A Representative Office In Thailand
  • Thai Representative Office need not pay corporate income tax
  • If you are associated with import and export business, your Representative Office can look after the time movement of the goods, its quantity and quality

Understanding Representative Office, Branch Office And Regional Office In Thailand

Representative Office
Allowed to contact customers/clients and enter into contracts on behalf of the head office, but can’t make sales.
It can;
(a) Contact customers to introduce its head office to them
(b) Research commercial information and provide the information to the head office
(c) Do market research.
(d) Market goods at trade fairs
(e) Rent an office and employ staff
(f) Enter into contracts with local clients/customers on behalf of the head office
Branch Office
Allowed to conduct a wide range of activity, like buy and sell goods, render services, sign contracts and build things.
It can;
(a) Do everything that a representative office does.
(b)Regularly buy and sell goods and services
(c) Get involved in manufacturing, processing and construction like any other local company, provided Thai laws doesn’t prohibit it doing.
Regional Office
It can;
a) Communicate, coordinate and direct, on behalf of the head office
b) The operation of branches and affiliates which are located in the region
c) Provide services in consulting and management
d) Training and personnel development
e) Financial management
f) Marketing control and sales promotion planning
g) Product development
h) Services in research and development