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Booking of Any Legal Service Please Make Tokan payment first to Process it Online.

Tokan Payment

This Payment is for to start the services. This Amount will be merge in final settlement.

2,100.00 INR

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Design Logo & Catalogue

We Design Your Company logo and Catalogues with best Price Rs. 5100 /- (Takes <1 days) with 4 Pages Design Only.

5,100.00 INR

TradeMark Registration

File trademark to protect your brand name / logo Price : Rs. 10000 * GST Extra

10,000.00 INR

Patent Registration

Protect your invention typically in 10 days. Provisional Patent Rs. 29,999 Onwards, Permanent Patent Rs. 51,999 Onwards SAVE 30% COST!!!

29,999.00 INR

Copyright Registration

Start protecting your work and enjoying certain legal rights over it in < 3 days Price Rs. 5,999 only

5,999.00 INR

Private Limited Company Registration

Ideal for start-ups going for funding & growing business << Takes 20 Days Starting At Rs. 18,999 only (Onwards) SAVE 60% COST!

18,999.00 INR

One Person Company Registration

Ideal for entrepreneur who have alone started a venture.<< Takes 20 Days Starting At Rs. 17,499 only (Onwards)SAVE 60% COST

17,499.00 INR

MSME/SSI Registration

Ideal For Professionals and Software Firms << Takes 5 Days Starting At Rs. 6,999 only (Onwards)SAVE 60% COST!

6,999.00 INR

SECTION 8 Company Registrations

Ideal business structure for NGO's and Non Profit Organizations << Takes 20 Days Starting At Rs. 28,999 only (Onwards)SAVE 60% COST

28,999.00 INR

Nidhi Company Registration

Ideal for lending and borrowing amongst members << Takes 40 Days Starting At Rs. 69,999 (All Inclusive) SAVE 60% COST!!!

69,999.00 INR

Thailand – International Company Registration

We help Non Resident to Establish International Company Registration < 30 days, Country: Thailand, Firm Registration: Rs.. 150,000 only (One time), Work Permit : Rs. 50,000 / yr, with other charges.