Marriage Visa

Marriage Visa in Thailand
  • Thai Marriage Visa Process Simplified
  • We Eliminate the Possibility of Unsuccessful Visa Application
Documents Required
  • Your passport and your wife’s passport along with the copies
  • Wife’s ID card
  • Wife’s household registration
  • Children’s birth certificates, if any
  • Certificate of your legal marriage
  • Thai Bank book showing funds of 400,000 Thai baht, or else a letter from the Embassy showing 40,000 Thai baht income per month
  • Letter from your bank in Thailand confirming your funds
  • 2 couple photos inside your home
  • 2 photos outside your home showing the house number
  • Proof of the residence, where you and your wife stays
  • Drawn location map of the residence
Who Is Eligible To Apply For A Marriage Visa In Thailand?
  • A foreigner who is married to a Thai citizen and is willing to stay long-term in Thailand should apply for a marriage visa in Thailand.
Things To Know
  • taxpri Thai marriage visa holder is entitled to stay for a year in the country
  • The visa can be renewed every year while staying in Thailand
  • The Marriage Visa in Thailand also lets the holder work in the country when he/she is able to obtain a work permit.
  • The foreigner must have a Thai spouse that is substantiated through a certificate.
  • One must cater to the financial requirement;
  • Deposit of THB 400,000 security amount in a Thai Bank Account
  • Per month income of at least THB 40,000 and a letter from the Embassy to verify the income
  • Supporting documents to prove the security deposit;
  • Updated passbook
  • Bank letter mentioning that the money had been deposited from an overseas source
  • Other documents, including police clearance and medical certificate