Investment Visa

E-2 Investment Visa
  • Dream Come True Opportunity for Thais
  • Entry into the United States
  • Need an E2 Visa and a Successful Business Plan?
Documents for the Embassy
  • Valid passport to the United States
  • One 2* 2-inch (5*5-cm) photograph
  • Nonimmigrant Visa Application, Form DS-160
  • Properly filled and signed non-immigrant Treaty Trader/Treaty Investor Application DS-156E for executives/managers/essential employees.
  • Appeared for an interview at the embassy’s consular section
  • Detailed business plan, ensuring to generate money to support the visa applicant during his/her stay
  • Registered business for the United States business
  • Proof of wire transfer
  • Proof of source of income
  • Proof that the applicant intents to return to his/her country
How To Apply E-2 Investment Visa
  • Applicants must apply at the US Embassy in their country with a properly filled form and all the necessary documents.
  • As a part of the application process, the embassy consular section would conduct an interview if the visa applicants are within the age group of 14 to 79.
  • During the interview, a digital fingerprint scan will be done plus some applicants will have to go through an additional screening that will be notified while applying.
What Is E-2 Investment Visa?
  • The E-2 Investment visa permits Thais and other investors from countries having investment treaty with the US to enter into the country and work there.
Requisites for Applying an E-2 Investment Visa
  • You must own a company
  • Idle businesses won’t be entertained
  • Your business can have resident partners from the U.S., provided the investors from Thailand or from the treaty investor country have the control over the business
  • The E-3 investor should bear the loss if there is a business failure.
  • The investment made should be in a physical business operation
  • You can have many partners, but only one can enter U.S. to look after the business operation
4 Benefits of E-2 Investment Visa
  • E-2 investors can bring managers or specialized employees to run business operations.
  • E-2 investors or their employees can bring their spouse as well as children less than 21 years of age
  • E-2 spouse can get an unrestricted employment authorization document, allowing employment anywhere in the U.S.
  • The E-2 investment visa status can be extended in 2 years increments, provided the company is still running.