Data Protect Act 2018

Data Protection Act Pdf File 

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PART 1 Preliminary
PART 2 General processing
PART 3 Law enforcement processing
PART 4 Intelligence services processing
PART 5 The Information Commissioner
PART 6 Enforcement
PART 7 Supplementary and final provision
SCHEDULE 1 Special categories of personal data and criminal convictions etc data
SCHEDULE 2 Exemptions etc from the GDPR
SCHEDULE 3 Exemptions etc from the GDPR: health, social work, education and child abuse data
SCHEDULE 4 Exemptions etc from the GDPR: disclosure prohibited or restricted by an enactment
SCHEDULE 5 Accreditation of certification providers: reviews and appeals
SCHEDULE 6 The applied GDPR and the applied Chapter 2
SCHEDULE 7 Competent authorities
SCHEDULE 8 Conditions for sensitive processing under Part 3
SCHEDULE 9 Conditions for processing under Part 4
SCHEDULE 10 Conditions for sensitive processing under Part 4
SCHEDULE 11O ther exemptions under Part 4
SCHEDULE 12 The Information Commissioner
SCHEDULE 13 Other general functions of the Commissioner
SCHEDULE 14 Co-operation and mutual assistance
SCHEDULE 15 Powers of entry and inspection
SCHEDULE 16 Penalties
SCHEDULE 17 Review of processing of personal data for the purposes of journalism
SCHEDULE 18 Relevant records
SCHEDULE 19 Minor and consequential amendments
SCHEDULE 20 Transitional provision etc