Personal Profile- R. K. Yadav

Advocate Rajiv Kumar Yadav 
  • Practicing Court, Delhi High Court, New Delhi, India
  • Cyber Law Expert, Practicing in Technology,
  • Media & Intellectual Property Law in Cyberspace,
  • Consulting Industrial Businesses and New Establishment


Advocate Rajiv Kumar Yadav Worked several Years in IT Technology on various Platform now he is started working as a Pioneer in Technology Laws in India and a Cyber Law Expert practicing in Delhi High Court, New Delhi in matters involving Cyber Crimes, E-Commerce and Intellectual Property (IP) disputes in cyber space along with advising on policy of Online Gaming companies and its Content based Mobile Apps and DTH Set Top boxes, Payment on Demand Video providers about the legalities of the same.

He Approaches for practice, the Established CBS Nationalized and Private Banks, Multi-National Corporations and Companies for clients regards Cyber Crime cases along with Information Technology Law Audits, GDPR Compliance Audits and Cyber Security Audits.

He is a also blogging the knowledge of the Blockchain (Blockchain Technology is a decentralized network consisting of blocks which are groups of records containing information in encrypted / secured manner.) Laws in India and practicing in Smart Contracts Legal Compliance and legal compliance of Blockchain Applications.

He is an Advisor to the many web development companies in Delhi / NCR Working on Web Solutions comes under Internet Laws and Technology Laws in India.

A major part of the practice consists of Cyber Crime Cases, E-commerce, Online Payment and Data Privacy Compliance.

He has also hands on in digital entertainment laws advising Movie Producers and other Online Content broadcasters with respect to legalities with respect to cyber laws and Intellectual Property laws involved in content dissemination, and drafting agreements and compliance structuring for International data dissemination along with data/ content dissemination through various digital media within Indian jurisdiction like mobile apps disseminating movies, songs and television serials.

A Significance part of practice consists of advising with respect to Information Technology Law compliance and drafting of the online and offline Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions, etc. of E-Commerce Companies.

He is a retainer with a diverse variety of E-commerce companies. He represents major Nationalized banks in Cyber Crime complaints filed against them and regularly assist them in dealing with online financial scams for all their cyber security, data privacy and cyber crime matters.

He also has experience in drafting about cases and Information Security Policies and Bring Your Own Device Policies for Companies on matter related to  Information Technology Law Compliance Audits, Privacy Law Compliance Audits, IoT Privacy compliance Audits for MNCs etc.

He holds a Post Graduation as Master in Computer Application and 12 years hands Experience in Information Technology on various platforms, in Law he is LL.B. and studied Cyber Crime Professionally.

He has also authored many articles on various aspects of Cyber Laws and am an active blogger on cyber law related issues. He is a retainer in many E-commerce companies and Technology Companies and handle all legalities including intellectual property rights issues in cyber space and anti-piracy cases in digital content.

His client portfolio consists of online dating, websites, B2B websites, social networking portals, B2C websites and B2B2C websites, movie production companies, Television Channels, Nationalised Banks, leading Consulting Companies, MNCs, etc.

He has handled online piracy advice to leading companies, Production houses  Online content providers, bloggers, and News portals etc.

  • Qualifications
    • M.C.A.- Master in Computer Application ( IGNOU, Delhi)
    • LL.B.- IME Law College (Ghaziabad)
    • E-Com. Technocrat – EL-Net 3L Academy ( FIIT-JEE), Allahabad
  • Specializations
  • Cyber Crime Cases & Cyber Security
    • Cyber Crime Litigation before Adjudicating Officer, Cyber Appellate Tribunal and High Court (Appeal matters).
    • Information Technology Law compliance Advice and GAP Analysis
    • Intermediary Guidelines Compliance
    • Reasonable Security Practices Compliance
    • Pre-litigation handing of Digital evidence and preparation of the same for production in Court of Law
    • Digital Evidence
  • Intellectual Property Rights in Cyberspace and Digital media
    • Trademark issues and Domain name disputes in cyberspace
    • Copyright issues of digital content and software
    • Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement by litigation and Raids to forfeit infringing material.
    • Metatagging issues in cyberspace
    • Cybersquatting issues in Cyberspace
    • Linking issues in Cyberspace
  • Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Laws
  • GDPR Legal Compliance
  • E-Commerce Cases
    • Drafting of Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Vendor Agreements, Technology Transfer Agreements, Data Transfer Agreements and Intellectual Property Rights Assignment Agreements.
    • E-Commerce Compliance with respect to Section 43A of Information Technology Act.
    • Legal Advice with respect to Taxation and legality of Business Strategy in cyberspace.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) legal compliance
  • Privacy Law Compliance
  • Online Gaming Laws
  • Online Pornography Laws
  • Smart City Cyber Security Legal Compliance
  • Digital Entertainment Legal Compliance