Change Company’s Address in Thailand

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Change Company’s Name In Thailand
If you want to change the name of your present company, then you must register the change with the Department of Business Development (DBD). Similarly, the revenue department and other government offices must also be informed about the change. Additionally, the corporate seal that typically contains the full name of the company should be updated.
How To Register The Change In The Company’s Name
  • Reserve the new name and order a new seal for the company
  • Publish a notice requesting a shareholder’s meeting in a local newspaper. The notice must be sent by the registered mail to all the shareholders.
  • After the meeting, the change of the company’s name shall be officially approved. The change will be further documented in the government forms that will be registered with DBD, mostly in two weeks, right from the date of the meeting.
Documents Required Registering the Change in Name with the Revenue Department
  • Amendment form for VAT registration (Porpor.09)
  • VAT certification (Porpor.20) (Original and 1 copy)
  • VAT registration (Porpor.01); three copies
  • Copy of passport or ID card and house registration of a director
  • Company affidavit (full set) and company documents updated from the DBD upon registration of the changes
Change Company’s Address In Thailand
Address Change within the Same Province
  • This is quite cheaper and faster
  • You do not need to advertise your company’s relocation in the newspaper, just correct documents required
  • Address change must be provided to the Department of Business Development in Thailand and the Revenue Department to change the address on the VAT and TAT license.
Address Change to Another Province in Thailand
  • Change of address must be advertised in newspaper or any other media.
  • The process takes almost 3 weeks, provided the paperwork has been done right.
  • With the documents, these things should be ensured;
  • Proof of advertisement in the local Thai newspaper regarding the address change.
  • Proof of the letter to the shareholders in order to arrange a meeting for notifying them about the address change.
Basic Documents Required For Both
To be Submitted by You
  • 3 copies of the Director’s identity card (Thai nationality)
  • 3 copies Passport (if foreigner)
  • 2 copies of the House registration of director(s)
  • 2 copies of original VAT certificate (PP.20)
  • 2 copies of original of PP.01, PP09
  • 2 copies of original Tax.ID card
To be Submitted by the Office Building
  • Copy of “Tabien Baan” (the Household Certificate) of the Office Building
  • Copy of the Letter of Consent that is issued by the Office Building owner to the Company
  • Proof of Office Building ownership like, construction permit, house sale agreement and house number application
  • Copy of documents about the company that owns Office Building, including copy of Company Affidavit, copy of Thai I.D. Card and Household Certificate of the director(s)
  • 3 copies of map showing the location of Office Building
  • 2 sets of photograph of office with the recent No. of Office Building as well as the Company’s sign-board
How To Change Company’s Address In Thailand
  • The change in the address needs to be confirmed at the Revenue Department.
  • Inform the Social Fund authorities and Department of Business Development about the same after that.
  • The last step involves updating the address in the work permit, business licenses and other licenses. Additionally, the bank needs to be informed about the change in the address. So, documents or permission of the landlord will be required.