Business License Application

A Thai foreign business license allows foreigners to conduct as well as manage businesses limited to foreign nationals under Thai law

  • Businesses prohibited to foreign citizens, except when there is some special exemption mentioned by a treaty or a law;
  • Businesses owned by foreign citizens, opened and activated before enactment of FBA
  • Businesses are similar to list 2, except that the FBL for foreigners who set up new companies in the country issued by the Director General and a Committee
How Thai Law Separates Foreigners?

  • Non-registered juristic person in Thailand
  • Registered juristic person in Thailand having the following characteristics;
  • Limited company, where almost 50% of the capital shares are held by the foreigner(s)
  • Limited partnership, where 50% of the capital is invested by the foreigner(s)
  • Limited partnership, where a foreigner is the managing partner/manager

Thai Foreign Business License Restrictions

Businesses Restricted to Foreign Investors

  • Newspaper publication, TV Station and Radio Broad casting
  • Trading and Auctioning of the Thai Antiques Land Trading

Businesses Permitted to Foreigners under Special Conditions

  • Production, repairing and selling of firearms and explosives
  • Domestic land and waterway or air transportation
  • Production, selling, aircrafts and military vehicles
  • Production of musical instruments of Thailand
  • Production of nielloware, lacquerware and silverware
  • Manufacturing sugar from sugarcane
  • Wood fabrication and utensil production

Businesses Not Yet Allowed to Foreigners as Thai Nationals are Unequipped for Competition

  • Production of LimeTour AgencyArchitecture Service Business
  • Production of PlywoodSelling Food or BeveragesEngineering Service Business

Thai FBL Terms & Conditions
The Applicant,

  • Must have attained the age of 20
  • Must not be a bankrupt
  • Must not be an incompetent
  • Have a residency or should be permitted to enter Thailand temporarily
  • Never had a revoked license under Notification No. 281
  • Never found guilty by the court or fined for an offence
  • Never have been imprisoned for debtor cheating and fraudulent acts
  • Never being bankrupt
How To Apply For Foreign Business License In Thailand
  • File an application with the Commercial Registration Department followed by review made by the Foreign Business Committee.
  • Criteria including nation’s safety, local employment and socio-economic development will be considered before approving a business license application.
  • Business license application approval is more likely when it is proved that the business will provide significant benefits while protecting and promoting Thai interests.
  • Usually, the application process for a Thailand foreign business license is complex and time consuming. It will take a minimum of four months to obtain the license.