Indian Major Financial Institutions for projects.

  • Delhi Financial Corporation
  • Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd.
  • Export Import Bank of India (EXIM)
  • Export-Import Bank of India
  • General Insurance Corporation of India Ltd.
  • Haryana Financial Corporation
  • Himachal Pradesh Financial Corporation
  • Industrial Credit & Investment Corporation of India Ltd.
  • Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI)
  • Industrial Investment Bank of India Ltd.
  • Jammu & Kashmir State Financial Corporation
  • Karnataka State Industrial Investment And Development Corporation Ltd.
  • Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund
  • Life Insurance Corporation of India
  • Madhya Pradesh Financial Corporation
  • Central Statistical Information Department
  • Central Vigilance Cell
  • Corporate Planning Department
  • Department of Economic Analysis & Research
  • Department for Cooperative Revival and Reforms
  • Department of Information Technology
  • Department of Supervision
  • Development Policy Department (Farm Sector)
  • Development Policy Department (Non-Farm Sector)
  • Finance and Accounts Department
  • General Administration Department
  • Rajbhasha Prabhag
  • Protocol & Security Section
  • Fire Officer
  • Human Resources Development Department
  • Human Resources Management Department
  • Inspection Department
  • Institutional Development Department
  • Investment Credit Department
  • Law Department
  • Micro Credit Innovations Department
  • Premises Department
  • Production Credit Department
  • Projects Monitoring Department
  • Resource Mobilisation Department
  • Secretary’s Department
  • Public Relations Division
  • State Projects Department
  • Technical Services Department
  • Andhra Pradesh Regional Office
  • Arunachal Pradesh Regional Office
  • Assam Regional Office
  • Bihar Regional Office
  • Chattisgarh Regional Office
  • Goa Regional Office
  • Gujarat Regional Office
  • Himachal Pradesh Regional Office
  • Jammu & Kashmir Regional Office
  • Jharkhand Regional Office
  • Karnataka Regional Office
  • Kerala Regional Office
  • Madhya Pradesh Regional Office
  • Maharashtra Regional Office
  • Manipur Regional Office
  • Meghalaya Regional Office
  • Mizoram Regional Office
  • Nagaland Regional Office
  • New Delhi Regional Office
  • Orissa Regional Office
  • Punjab and Haryana Regional Office
  • Rajasthan Regional Office
  • Sikkim Regional Office
  • Tamil Nadu Regional Office
  • Tripura Regional Office
  • Uttar Pradesh Regional Office
  • Uttaranchal Regional Office
  • West Bengal Regional Office
  • National Bank Staff College Lucknow
  • National Bank Training Centre
  • Zonal Training Centre
  • Regional Training College Mangalore
  • Regional Training College
  • Bankers Institute of Rural Development (BIRD)
  • National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
  • National Housing Bank
  • Punjab Financial Corporation
  • Rajasthan Financial Corporation
  • Reserve Bank of India
  • Securities and Exchanges Board of India (SEBI)
  • Shipping Credit Investment Corporation Of India
  • Small Industries Development Bank of India

Above list of institution are for project financing bodies in India.

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