Bulk Milk Cooler (BMC)

BMC tank is mainly used in preserving and storing fresh raw milk. The cooled raw milk can reach rapidly needed temperature of 4-5°C and keeps constant, which can prevent the generation of bacteria and keep raw milk in good condition.

These excellent bulk milk coolers, which help in improving milk quality by cooling it at collection, center it before it gets transported to the dairies from one place to another.

We provides best milk cooling tank after comparing various equipment manufacturer in India.

Manufacturing quality, finish and cooling efficiency we ensures that the tanks stand out from the rest. To reinforce our commitment to total quality, all our Bulk Milk Coolers have been designed to conform to ISO 5708-2A II – Latest Version with not more than 3 hours cooling time from 35 to 4 Degree C for first milking, from 19.5 to 4 degree C for IInd milking and not more than 1.5 hours for a milking i.e. from 10 to 4 degree c.

Whereas the tank has been made of AISI 304 SS with adequate thickness to ensure robustness, durability& adaptability, due care has been taken while selecting the Compressor, condensing unit, agitator motor and other parts to ensure trouble-free service to the users.

BMC Product Description:

  • Capacity- 1000 LTR
  • Gross Capacity – 1100 LTR
  • Thermo Plate- Imported
  • Construction material- AISI 304 SSS.S.
  • Thick Inner- 2MMS.S.
  • Thick Outer- 1.5MM
  • Milk Measuring Facility- Dip Stick Agitator RPM/NUMBER-21/1
  • Insulation Density-40KG/CU.M
  • Thickness of Insulation- 50 MM
  • Make of compressor- Amarson
  • Model of Compressor- CR-36
  • Cooling Capacity- 5310Kcl/hour
  • Type of Refrigerant- R-22
  • Ambient Tem- As per ISO 5708 II
  • AMaximum cooling time- 3.0 hours
  • Temp Range Considered- 35->4C
  • Power requirement- Single/Three
  • PhaseConnected Load- 2480 watts

Note : Actual product may varry from this pic. We are consultant and as per your setup need will supply the best product from comparing various manufacturers. We provide Dairy Equipment machineries from worldwide.

For price and more details Mail us allindiadairy@gmail.com and visit www.allindiadairy.com

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